What is a social story?

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    Social Stories

    What is a social story?  

    A social story is a book that is used for a child to learn and practice certain desired skills (what TO do).  For some children, you can include talking about unsafe behaviors(what NOT to do), as well.  That really depends on the child.  Some children imitate everything they see in a social story and some can differentiate what is and is NOT ok to do. 

    What’s in a social story? 

    A social story can be about anything.  There are social stories out there…you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can find them for free in a variety of places, including Teachers Pay Teachers and in the freebie library.  You can also make them; www.boardmakeronline.com has free options for clip art. 

    What is a social video?  

    A social video contains video information about a social situation.  These are also already in existence in a variety of places for free (check youtube, but be careful and always watch it yourself first).  

    How do I use a social story? 

    Social stories, like calming routines, work best if they are introduced when a child is calm.  If an individual is dysregulated, overly excited, or upset they likely can’t think clearly.  That means it’s best to introduce a social story when everyone is calm.  Once familiar, you might use it as a tool when the individual is upset (as part of a calming routine).

    Materials you may need to make a paper copy

    Printer, ink, paper

    laminator (not required)

    Book Binder.  I like this one.


    Pictures/Content (real photos may work best)


    Examples of Social Stories




    Free Social Stories are in the Freebie Library.  Join the Ausome Speech Club below to get the password.  


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  • Unknown March 15, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    Very helpful. My 7-yr old just watched it with me and it helped us have a conversation about good choices. THANKS

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