Therapy Theme: Unicorns (Freebie Included!)

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    Unicorn Speech Therapy Theme with a Freebie!

    My little one is going to kindergarten and we are celebrating with weekly fun themes.  

    You can use these for speech therapy lesson plans, special education preschool, homeschool, or just plain fun!

    Week One:  Unicorns!


    These are perfect for preschool, speech therapy, special education, and home school.  


    Always Hug a Unicorn by Rosie Greening

    How to Catch a Unicorn by Adam Wallace

    • Boom Cards E-Book Companion by Elizabeth Hepler (this digital companion includes sentence strips for expanding utterances, preaching vocabulary, and differentiated questions about the story)
    • Free Printable story map, smash mat, coloring pages, and dot art in the Freebie Library!


    Grumpycorn by Sarah McIntyre

    Kiki and Emma a Sight Words Easy Reader by Elizabeth Hepler

    Articulation Series: Kiki the Unicorn by Elizabeth Hepler (Interactive books embedded with targets for articulation: includes both print and Boom Cards)

    Ten Silly Unicorns by Elizabeth Hepler (this printable book and boom cards e-book are in the Freebie Library! and also for sale on TpT and Boom Learning) 

    This book targets counting 1-10 and has interactive pieces.  Adaptive books are engaging with moveable pieces and sentence strips for expanding utterances!




    Not into emails?  You can purchase the boom card deck here.  

    Music & Videos:

    Go Noodle: great for movement breaks!

    Blippi: Unicorn Singalong

    Kiki Looks for Pup (CVC, Apraxia, Final Consonant Deletion) Read Aloud by Elizabeth Hepler

    Arts & Craft Projects: 

    • These are free in the Freebie Library!  These correspond with How to Catch a Unicorn by Adam Wallace. 

    • Unicorn Slime (see snack section…this one is edible!)


    Unicorn Horns

    • Pretzel Rods dipped in pink frosting and sprinkles!


    Simple snack mix!  

    • Popcorn and lucky charms marshmallows.  Yum!

    Unicorn Slime! Did you know this was out there?  It’s made by Jell-o and it’s edible! 

    Honest review: we didn’t love it.  The taste wasn’t so great for our crew…but maybe fun to play with?


    Inflatable Float and Giant Sprinkler!  


    Inflatable Unicorn Costume!

    Stuffed Animals: be careful with these…if you’re an older brother, you might get stuck “unicorn-sitting”!

    Ball Popper!  These are fun for reinforcers or for shooting at articulation or language target cards.  

    Unicorn Pop Fidget: this could be used as a reinforcer for articulation, as a fidget for attention, or just for general fun!  This is a great sensory toy.  


    Unicorn Bowling!  Line up your unicorn toys and roll a ball at them.  

     Pin the Tail on the Unicorn!  You could incorporate language concepts (example: spatial positions) or add articulation targets to the poster if using this in speech therapy or preschool.

    Digital Games: 


    Painting: Michaels has a variety pack of small canvas painting boards, including unicorns!

    Coloring Pages & Dot Art: These are free in the Freebie Library!


    Sensory Bottles: Check out this recipe and tutorial here.  These are great for ADHD, autism, cozy corners, calming down, and general sensory play.  

    For more unicorn speech and language resources, be sure to take a look in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.  Have fun!!  There are TONS of unicorn resources for language, articulation, pragmatics, and more!

    Get this Free Unicorn Activity

    Articulation and Language Activity

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