Therapy Theme: May, Spring, Summer

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    “What’s in your box, Mrs. Elizabeth?”

    Themes for May

    I try to carry over what I see my students doing at school.  This May, I’ve seen Gardening, Rain, Dragons, Mermaids, late Spring, and Early Summer. 

    Organization and Personal Gear

    I’ve been back with a combination of face to face & teletherapy work for a little over a year now.  I still don’t have a designated work space, but Bessie the cart is hanging strong.  It’s durable and it keeps my things safe if it’s raining on the way in and out of buildings. 


    Husky Rolling Cart

    I am a sucker for these photo boxes.  I use them for so many things: articulation cards, language tasks, and visuals.


    The boxes and cube storage are from target. 

    Last year, I decided I wanted to have an office- for the first time.  I purchased several things for organization and I have loved every single one of them. 


    You can grab a free sample of binder covers/spines to go with the Ausome Speech Freebie Library Here:

    Free Binder Covers

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      Preschool Lesson Plan:

      Engaging materials and structuring for increased attention and compliance.  

      Do you have a little one who throws, hides, or destroys materials?   Consider restructuring your activity to make it have a clear start and finish.  Here is an example with a tray from Target and a simple puzzle.  You could take this a step further by anchoring it to the table or by using an interactive activity with velcro. 

      My students have absolutely loved having dot art this month!  We have used dot markers, magnetic discs, stickers…and sent home for homework when we ran out of time.  The Big Box of Dot Art grew from a reader request. She was looking for every sound in every position for the whole year. It was a bear to put together, but I was happy to do it! This has been a game changer for my students.  I’m so glad this reader asked me to make it!


      You can check out this page for free…I also made a version on Boom Learning just for fun!  We used it with Dragons Love Tacos this past week and had a blast!  This comes with a printable page and a Boom Card page.

      You can find the book companion for Dragons Love Tacos here

      Speaking of dragons, my kids had such fun with them that I created an interactive e-book Dragon in a Wagon to go along with our monthly theme.  This one is similar to best sellers Mouse in the House and Moose on the Loose.  The dragon hides on various vehicles, teaching all about transportation. The best part: he roars when you click on him! 

      One last great dot art and coloring freebie! I pair this one with my favorite Eric Carle books.

      Caterpillar Freebie!

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        Let’s face it, this year….we often need wipeable materials due to germ prevention.  I found this cute little moose from Learning Resources.  They also have some other great toys (sorting food by color), alphabet acorns, gift boxes.  I’ve had a lot of luck with these and they’ve held up well.  I’d peek at amazon for these.  

        We used the moose for sorting, fine motor practice, describing, and guessing what was missing when we hid one of the pieces! This pairs perfectly with Moose on the Loose!

        Digital and Printable Circle Time, Visual Schedules, etc.  

        Peek back at my post from April to find these.  

        Parent handouts: 

        During Autism Acceptance month, I found some fantastic printable resources from Speechy Things.  

        I also updated my free handout on Autism to be more neurodiversity-supportive and accepting than it was previously (eek, removed the puzzle piece!).  You can download it free here


        I also recommend this nice handout from Simplified Speechie for creating strength-based IEPs.  

        Favorite Books:

        Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

        There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog

        The Very Hungry Caterpillar

        Lola Plants a Garden

        Racoon On His Own

        Ten Little Ladybugs

        Favorite Songs:

        Spring is Here

        Happy Mother’s Day

        Itsy Bitsy Spider 

        The Ants Go Marching 

        Boom Chicka Boom 

        Butterfly Ladybug Bumble Bee

        Springtime Dance Jack Hartman

        Read Alouds:

        I am Spring

        Very Hungry Caterpillar

        Spring Books for Kids

        Freebies for Spring:

        Ausome Speech: Free Little Blue Truck Book Companion

        Ausome Speech: Free Taco Dot Art Printable & Boom Cards

        Simplified Speechie: Sprouting Articulation Boom Cards

        The Behavioral Speechie: Spring & Easter Early Language

        Aimee Walton: Spring/Summer Vocabulary Memory Game

        Busy Speech Mom: Free Sample Loaded Language Scenes

        Bright Side of Speech: Free Boom Cards Spring Things

        Stacey Crouse: Teletherapy Activities for Spring

        Busy Speech Mom: Bugs and Insects

        Speech Tea: Baseball Craft

        Panda Speech: Spring Listen Up!

        Ausome Speech: CVC Sample

        Freebies for Summer:

        Ausome Speech: Free Feed the Shark Shapes Boom Cards

        Gemma June: Free Sample Multisyllabic Words: Feed the Ocean Friends

        Speaking Louder than Words: Sea Turtle Rescue

        Ms Emily Speech: Free Interactive Core Word Milkshake

        TouchofTechSLP: Picnic Social Skills

        Ausome Speech: Dress up the Old Lady, Free printable Book Visuals, Free Boom Cards

        Sparkly Speechie: Mermaid Craft Idea

        Happy May, everyone!!!

        Ausome SLP

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