Is My Child Autistic?

    You Are Here for a Reason. If you’re here, you’re probably already suspicious.  That’s enough to go ahead and have your child tested.  This is really important and needs to…

    What is Echolalia?

    What is echolalia? One of the characteristics of autism is echolalia. A dictionary states: “meaningless repetition of another person’s spoken words as a symptom of psychiatric disorder.”  As a parent…

    What is Autism?

        What is Autism? I’ve developed a free handout on Autism that you can download here or by clicking the image below. Autism is a sensitive subject.  Let’s change that! …


      Prior Speaking Experiences

      -Guilford Child Development: Autism in the Early Childhood Setting
      -Cheshire Speech and Voice: Effective Tools for increasing Sensory Integration for Speech/Language Intervention; Autism
      -Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute: Autism
      -CHIPS Greensboro: Autism for Professionals
      -NCSHLA: Teletherapy (Including the Parent Perspective)
      -Telepractice Today: Podcast (Parent and SLP Perspectives)
      -UNC Chapel Hill: Guest Lecture
      -Abled Not Labeled: Presenter (Intro to Neurodiversity)
      -Rockingham County Schools (Gestalt Language Processing)
      Meet Elizabeth