Speech Therapy Games for Spring

February 22, 2023


Over 800 Pages of No Prep or Low Prep Pages for Articulation Speech Therapy.

Includes Spinners, pages for dot art, homework, board games, and more!


This is a set of games that are perfect for spring speech therapy.


What’s Included:

  • No Prep Printable Pages Color and Black and White (over 800 pages!)
  • Articulation Targets (initial, medial, and final word position Velars K and G, liquids L and R, Affricates J and CH, Fricatives V, F, S, Z, SH, TH, Blends, and early sounds or apraxia targets CV, VC, CVC, CVCV
  • FEED ME Characters (Bunny, Recycling Can, Frog, Basket, Chick)- large size for feeding regular sized cards and manipulatives; small size perfect for coloring and make it take it crafts for homework and carryover
  • Homework or Carryover Sheets: perfect for dot art, bingo chips, ball poppers, frog jumpers, and more!
  • Directions for Pairing with Games and Toys like ball poppers, jumping frogs, dot art markers, racing cars, “Jumping Jack”, and “Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt”
  • Spring and Holiday Themes: Frog, Rainy Day, Easter, Chick, Bunny, Basket, Earth Day, Flower, Clover St Patrick’s Day

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