The Best Visual Schedule (Editable and Customizable Visuals and Books)


The Best Visual Schedule!

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This is THE BEST Visual Schedule!


Edit and customize with your text and photos…or use the more than 400 icons provided.


The set is designed for teachers, parents, SLPs, occupational therapists, physical therapists, special education teachers, behavioral therapists, and more!


The set can be used in the school, clinic, home health, home, home school, special education classroom, and office settings.


What you will get:

1) Visual Schedules: First Then Boards, First Next Last, Now Later, To Do Done, Therapy Session Schedules, (3 Part, 4 part), Read Mark Do

2) Gestalt Language: Mitigable Gestalts (I Want, I Need, & It’s Time For), Space for Written Gestalts

3) Custom Books, Binder, and Task Box Size for Visual Schedules

4) More than 400 Icons: Real Photos & Clip Art Provided

5) Special Cues: behavior, sensory, interruptions and drills, and more!

6) Editable and Customizable: edit in Microsoft Power Point

7) I Want or I Need Page: sensory integration items

8) Instructions for Assembly and Use


How I Use

Most children benefit from visuals.  We can use visuals to support children at home, in the classroom, in the community, and in therapy sessions.  Even if a child is verbal, he/she can benefit from a visual.  This 1) provides expectations of what they are doing, 2) eases anxiety about what is next/when this will end, 3) serves as a reminder of what to do, 4) works to connect with visual learners.


How I Assemble

I like to use both coil and comb book binding machines (found on Amazon).
Other options include printing & binding at an office supply store, using a hole punch and placing in a binder, or using rings. I love using photo storage boxes with the coordinating colorful schedules that match.


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