Speech Therapy Ideas for Summer and Extended School Year

“What’s in your box, Mrs. Elizabeth?”

Some wild times and a whole lotta kids!  Don’t worry….there aren’t any kids IN the box…but there are a LOT of children here.   That means, it must be summer!

Themes for Summer

If you’re doing therapy out of your car or anywhere in the South in the summer….themes are about staying cool and hydrated (with a little summer fun mixed in).

You can carry over summer themes into your home with your kiddos too!

In June, we are doing:

  • Unicorns
  • Camping
  • Bugs
  • Beach/Ocean/Mermaids

Organization and Personal Gear

Good golly…as a private practice SLP, summers in the south can be the WORST.  Many of the homes and facilities I’ve served didn’t have air conditioning or there were just too many moments in the hot car in between!

Tips to save your sanity (and your health!)

  1. Wear comfortable clothes!  This may not be the time for long scrubs or pants.  If you’re worried about modesty, you can find knee-length shorts.  I’ve had great luck with knee length, sports-style skirts that have bike shorts underneath (check the sporting goods section at stores like Target).  I’m telling you, you will be much more comfortable and less drained by the end of the day if you’re dressed appropriately.  Wear t-shirts!  You can find great shirts from Emily B Speech, The Giggly SLP, Speaking of Samantics, & Speech Coffee Tees just to name a few.2.
  2. Hydrate!!!  Get a BIG water bottle and fill it with ice and water.  Drink it.  In fact, bring two. The metal types stay insulated the best for me.  I like this hydroflask from amazon.   Plus, you can decorate it with stickers to give you a little joy throughout the day. Who says adults can’t play with stickers!?  This sticker came from The Giggly SLP
  3. Incorporate Water Play.  If the home or center you’re working in allows it, why not!?  There are so many opportunities for language when playing with water! Just make sure you have a change of clothes in your car (we should probably do this anyway…..”what did I just sit in?”  Ew.)

Just add a touch of sun, a little water, and have fun playing!

Grab a Fun Camping Printable Set for Free Before You Get Going this Summer!

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Articulation and Language Activity

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    Preschool Lesson Plan: Grab an interactive file that has links to favorite songs, read alouds, books ideas, toy & game ideas, freebies, and spring materials for purchase.

    Favorite Books for Summer 

    We love anything with the beach, swimming, camping, and sun!

    Favorite Books:

    Llama Llama Goes Camping by Anna Dewdney

    Pete the Cat Goes Camping by James Dean

    Jabari Jumps by Candlewick

    There Was an Old Lady (Mermaid, Pirate, Seashell)

    Favorite Book Companions:

    Old Lady Series: On this Site or On TpT

    Little Blue Truck Series: On this Site or On TpT

    Articulation Games:

    My students have absolutely loved having dot art this month!  We have used dot markers, magnetic discs, stickers…and sent home for homework when we ran out of time.  The Big Box of Dot Art grew from a reader request. She was looking for every sound in every position for the whole year. It was a bear to put together, but I was happy to do it! This has been a game changer for my students.  I’m so glad this reader asked me to make it!

    Summer Articulation Game Set: This has been a hit so far over on TpT.

    My favorite part is the Make it Take it Craft Bags!

    Favorite Toys:

    We love using Fishing Games, Shark Bite, and Ice Cream Sets


    Shark Bite Game

    Fishing Set

    Camping Toy

    Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Parlor

    Digital Resources  

    Gestalt Language Activities for Summer

    Summer Articulation Game

    Summer Articulation Game Sample (FREE)

    Interactive Book Set (Ice Cream, Camping, and Beach)

    Favorite Songs:

    Double Scoop by Go Noodle

    Summer Dance Along by Kidz Bop

    Ice Cold Lemonade by KooKoo

    Read Alouds:

    Nature Books

    Summer Books

    Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellar

    The Night Before Summer Camp by Mindy Pierce

    How to Cheer up Dad by Fred Koehler

    Freebies for Summer:

    Ausome Speech: Free Feed the Shark Shapes Boom Cards

    Gemma June: Free Sample Multisyllabic Words: Feed the Ocean Friends

    Speaking Louder than Words: Sea Turtle Rescue

    Ms Emily Speech: Free Interactive Core Word Milkshake

    TouchofTechSLP: Picnic Social Skills

    Ausome Speech: Dress up the Old Lady, Free printable Book Visuals, Free Boom Cards

    Sparkly Speechie: Mermaid Craft Idea

    Happy June, everyone!!!


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    My name is Elizabeth Hepler and I’ve been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since 2005.  I am the mother of four great kids. Our household is neurodiverse: ADHD, Autism, Gifted, and more!

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